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Kreplach Must Die!

Ever since that black, black morning that the Evil Kreplach and his startroops landed on Earth, humans have lived for only one purpose: to kill Kreplach.

Scarred and wartorn Planet Earth is reduced to ashes and rubble. Fewer than 100 remaining humans are hiding in the only undestroyed shelter on the entire planet -- deep in the mountains of West Virginia, and food, water and Gilligan's Island re-runs are quickly running out...

You are Earth's Only Hope. With your tremendous intellect, wit and style, you should be able to easily penetrate Kreplach's Fortress of Despair, destroy Kreplach and restore Law and Order to Earth so the survivors of all species can begin to repopulate at once!

You only have 24 hours in which to succeed if your planet's repopulation means anything to you.

Coming Soon! Release date to be announced.

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